Andrey Soloviev

It's strange how things go. A few years ago I was studying Political Science, and now I'm designing websites.

Strange and funny.

I am someone with a few degrees behind my back, but when it comes to web design, I learned everything by myself. From HTML and CSS to Photoshop, Google was my teacher from day one.

Maybe it's the background, maybe it's the influence of the world I live in, but I like to think I'm not here to just make a website and leave you with it. There is more to the web than that.

But I'll never say "No" to creating an experience. Tell the story of your company, your brand, your own story, whoever you are, dear stranger. What I cherish more in my profession is collaboration, so I won't hesitate to work with good friends of mine: photographers and artists, to craft the message you're looking to put out into the world.

So shoot me a letter. I am definitely interested.

- Andrey.