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OssaCasa is a family-run company in Bordeaux, specialising in wooden framework housing. However, these guys are not just construction workers: they're a bunch of people with killer taste. Visiting a couple of houses with Bastien - OssaCasa's stylish director - gives you a sneek peek into how much care and love these people put into their work.

As it often happens with small companies, their web presence was next to zero. A website that hadn't been renewed in years, designed with "ye olde" HTML, no company presentation, not even a clickable "contact" link. It was up to me to change all that.

Winter is coming

The very first change had to do with the way things were organised around the site. For once, there were no individual projects, and everything was thrown together into a "slider-pile". This had to change. First things first, I went about determining the structure of the website, which I could then present to my client. If there's one thing I like, it's to know where I'm going.

OssaCasa presentation

We decided to present every single project individually, in separate case studies. For that, I created a reusable template where photos and text could be modified to create a familiar, yet different experience every time.

These case studies had to revolve around a clear presentation of the goals and benefits of a given project, as well as photography of the end product. If available, the blueprints also go into the mix, helping OssaCasa make a case as to why they decided to approach the issue in the way they chose.

OssaCasa Project

Colours and type

I'll say one thing. The previous website used Arial. And while we've seen good uses of Arial in the past, this was not the case here. After careful consideration, I settled on slab and sans serif typefaces that were a perfect fit for a stark, minimalist and handmade look.

As for the colours, the one I had to keep was the official colour of the company, already on the main building, the business cards and the vehicles: a flat shade of green. I chose a pitch dark grey to complement the green, and white to make the case studies look more pristine and simple.

OssaCasa presentation

The Team

These days, it's pretty important to know who you're working with. You want to see the team behind the service, especially when you're working on the local level.

A simple photo of someone's face won't suffice - people are used to seeing good photography. And while your nephew may "know Photoshop by heart", and your iPhone takes amazing photos (and if not, your neighbour has a Canon), there's nothing like a good photographer. Remember: the camera doesn't make the photographer.

I called on my good friend Olga Palet to do the photography on this project. We collaborated to show OssaCasa as they were: hard-working people living their life with style, passing it on to their clients.

The OssaCasa team

The rest is history.

From the landing page to the contact page, this project was designed and coded with heart. A huge thanks goes to the people of this little company, which I truly hope will grow into something pretty big in the future.

You know what? I'm actually pretty sure it will.

Over and out.