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Online portfolio revisited.

If you're a designer or an artist on the web today, you've got it all going for you. Limitless portfolio options, Behance, Dribbble, even Instagram. But what if you're a plumber? An electrician? A translator? What is your web presence like, other than a LinkedIn profile (and if)?

You can't really take a picture of a broken pipe, or of a translated text, can you? You can't really make "sexy case studies" of your work, and going "Look at my grammar!" on Instagram sounds kind of sad.

But you can do so much more.

Roster on the iPad
Roster on the iPad

The Search

Plain and simple. Keywords give results on a map of every single person/company who had a Roster portfolio setup at his own address. Then, the portfolios are centralised on a map, according to the demands of the end user. Filtering happens by the user's available budget, the distance, and rating of the prefessional.

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All about
the portfolio

That's where it's at. Portfolios that look and feel great, by pulling locations, recent jobs and comments all in one place. Centralising the experience so that upon ending up on a given page the user could get a quick glimpse of the person he's about to hire.

Roster portfolio

The Schedule

So if your pro is nearby, if he's available for hire, what do you do? Check his schedule. No need to call or try to get in touch via email. Everything has been taken care of in the back. Lunch breaks, appointments, flights - it is all handled by the owner of the account, so that you have to just choose when you need him, and he'll be there.

Roster schedule


Listen to the users. Same way AirBnB users who have stayed in a room can leave a comment about the quality of the service, Roster users who hired the professional in question can leave a comment in the comment section, with their rating. A quote chosen by the Roster account owner is displayed up front.

Roster comments

Decision making
with style.

And substance. Roster is another concept that needs improvement and implementation.

This has to be as simple to install as a Wordpress theme. No hassle, great open-source support in case of an issue. And I believe it is more than possible to build.

Stay tuned.